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Skye & Highland tours offer private and family orientated excursions around the Highlands of Scotland, where you can choose from a selection of Invergordon and Inverness outlander tours. Choose a relaxing cruise and see the Dolphins, visit our famous Scottish whisky distilleries or visit the famous locations that were filmed for the hit TV series, outlander. Our tours around the Inverness area will suit everybody’s needs.

We provide private and luxury transport for small group tours for the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Our Invergordon Tours include Isle of Skye, Loch Ness Centre and Inverness Castle. You will be transported to the destination of your choice in our luxury vehicles, chauffeured by our experienced driver with complimentary snacks, water and WiFi.

Excursions to Meet Everyone’s Needs

Our Isle of Skye tour will transport you from Inverness or Invergordon and will show you everything that the beautiful Isle of Skye has to offer. Or maybe you fancy seeing the Dolphins, going on a fantastic whisky tour? With a short boat ride you will be to sit and observe the beautiful sea creatures in their natural habitat.

Why not visit a local distillery and see how our local whiskies are made, and maybe have a tasting period. You can even visit the great Loch Ness, this tour is sure to meet your expectations.

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The Tour Vehicle

The Invergordon tours and Inverness outlander Tour Vehicle is a Toyota Van Style Executive MPV (registered new in March 2018) which has full size leather seating for up to 7 adult passengers.  There are fantastic amounts of legroom and headroom and the elevated position of the seats give much better views than a standard car.  An on board fridge ensures that the complimentary water remains cool and there is multiple connection mobile WiFi available to all guests

Skye & Highland Tours based in Inverness, the capital of the magnificent Scottish Highlands provide exclusive, luxurious transportation and bespoke Private Tours in Invergordon and around Inverness which can see you transported, to breathe taking views on the Outlander tour, Loch Ness Tours, Orkney Tours, Cruise Ship Shore Excursions, Invergordon Tours and Whisky Tours. We are specialists in last minute arrangements and will collect you from any location including all of Scotland’s Airports. We can provide tours lasting from a few hours to a few days. Contact us to arrange an Invergordon tours and Inverness outlander tour today.

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