Information and Policies


Vehicle - The default vehicle meantime for these tours is a 2016 E Class  Mercedes Benz luxury saloon car which in addition to the driver seats a further 4 persons.  The driver is a retired Police Officer and trained driver. However , whilst this is a larger than average saloon car 3 perons can be seated in absolute comfort and it should be borne in mind if from an economical viewpoint4 passengers were to be carried then one passenger would have to sit in the middle of the back seat..  This could be significant if the group of 4 being carried were unusually large for example a group of very tall basket ball players or large muscular broad athletes.

Secondary vehicle is a recent BMW luxury estate car. This is also driven by a retired Police Officer. Again,  from an economy point of view and where shorter journeys are involved, 4 passengers could be carried but 3 would be more ideal particularly on longer journeys. Please also bear this in mind if your group includes some large broad athletes !

Larger groups can be accommodated through sub contract to a larger vehicle - please enquire.

Deposits - we will request a £50 deposit unless it is within 14 days of the requested tour in which case the full amount will be payable.  Payment taken by credit/debit card. This will confirm and secure your booking.

Balances -The full balance will become due 14 days before the date of the requested tour and this will be requested by email.
Short Notice Bookings - If the booking is made at very short notice the driver will be able to collect the fee either in cash or by credit/debit card at the time of collection.

Cancellation, more than 14 days notice  - Cancelled bookings outwith 14 days of the planned tour will be fully refunded minus a £25 administration fee.

Cancellation, less than 14 days notice - Cancellations made within 14 days of the planned tour will be refunded at 50 % of the cost unless a subsequent booking is made for that date in which case a full refund will be made minus a £25 administration fee.

Cruise Ships - Cruise Ship Tourists will be fully refunded if their ship has been unable to dock at the arranged port of collection.

Failure to turn up at the arranged meeting point - Potential Tourists having failed to notify cancellation or otherwise fail to turn up for any arranged tour will not be refunded.

Cancellation general – A sympathetic attitude will be taken as a general rule and in some cases at the discretion of the proprieter refunds may be made out with the circumstances detailed above

Passenger behaviour -Tourists who are intoxicated through alcohol or other substances or in any way disorderly, aggressive or belligerent will not be conveyed under any circumstances and no refund will be given. Tourists must comply with all local laws including the wearing of seat belts. Failure to heed the law may result in your being reported to the Police. Any deliberate breaking of the law or drunken , disorderly or belligerent or aggressive behaviour during the journey will result in the tour being terminated immediately wherever that may be and no refund will be given. Without exception, any person being verbally abusive or violent towards the driver will be immediately  reported to the police

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