" We are Passionate About Your Safety "

Principle Driver and vehicles

The company principle is a retired Police Officer and is a trained advanced driver who ensures that all necessary insurances are in place and that the default vehicle is a recent model maintained to a very high standard. Other drivers working with the company are carefully selected to ensure they are safe and skilled drivers and that their vehicles are kept in excellent safe condition. with all insurances in place


The Scottish Highlands like the rest of the Globe were significantly affected by the COVID19 Pandemic and many businesses like Highland Excursions , previously successful and growing year on year were halted in their tracks by the fall out from the virus , particularly those restrictions which impacted upon travel throughout the world.

As the principal at Highland Excursions had very little to do tour wise during this period he went off to the Highland Regional COVID19 Test site and supervised the team giving support to those being tested for COVID19 as part of the Test and Protect Strategy in Scotland. From this a daily working routine of safety principles were established which the principal observes both during work time and private time.

For your further reassurance the principle tour driver (Craig) has also received both injections (Pfizer) and is tested twice weekly under supervision at a Government Test Site.

Complimentary hand sanitisers and masks are carried for the convenience of all passengers travelling with Highland Excursions. All passengers are temperature checked with a non contact device and only passengers in the same social group will be carried. The vehicle is also subjected to sterilisation (non chemical ozonation process) between every individual tour.

The company boss maintains a watching brief on all developments in relation to COVID 19 and maintains and observes all regulation and advice regarding same ensuring that the law is complied with, thus maintaining a safe travelling environment for all those travelling.